Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thinking about getting a tattoo?

Consider where you are going to place you skin art, before you parade the new piece around town- think about how much pain you are willing to go through for the piece. Here are the 7 most painful places to get a tattoo...

1. Ankle of Top of the Foot- there is no meat here just literally skin and bone.
2. That special place between your navel and knees- one word: OUCH!
3. Eyebrows- again skin bone and thousands of super sensitive nerves.
4. Ribcage- either put on a little weight of forget the idea.
5.  Elbow- there is nothing funny about this one
6. Eyelid- just don't. The possibility of you permanently damaging your eye are higher than the chances of you actually liking what you put there.
7. Knuckles- more because you have to keep moving these while they heal, but the actual inking part doesn't feel to hot either.

The moral of this story is- if there isn't a loft of meat/fat in the spot you pick then it's going to hurt more.

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